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My genealogy:

Places and families  
My ancestors (Kryg / Spik) (Hurnanen) ( Anttila / Ala Heikkilä)








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Generations and locations:

My grandfather (on my fathers side) descents from family Kryg in Germany. This is all I know since I have not investigated it any further.

My grandmother (on my fathers side) descents from family Spik in the area of Pattijoki-Raahe-Piehinki in Finland, where the family probably have lived in several generations.

My grandfather (on my mother side) descents from family Hurnanen in the area of Raahe in Finland, where I have not yet started reseating. Rumours says that the family Hurnanen comes from the east side of Finland.

My grandmother (on my mothers side) descents from family Anttila in the area of Pyhäjoki-Yppäri in Finland.They have been in several generations in region Pyhäjoki, Yppäri in Finland and it's this generation that I have begun reseating my ancestry. In the end of 1800 and beginning of 1900 was a big emigration to America just from these regions and many of my eliminate relatives emigrated there. There is more information about this further on, in my home page.

These three generations ancestry exists near up to the same area after the Finnish coastal strip between Karleby (Kokkola) and Uleåborg (Oulu). The area is also known as upper- east- bottom.

At last I hope that You who are interested of genealogy finds this interesting to read, maybe You also will find Your eliminate relatives in my web-page.

Good luck 

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My ancestors:

My ancestors descendeds from Finland and Germany

    Ancestors on my grandpa's (father's father's) side is  the Kryg family from Germany.
    Ancestors on my granny's (father's mother's) side is  Spik family from Finland.

    Ancestors on my grandpa's (mother's father's) is  Hurnanen family from east Finland.

    Ancestors on my grannny's (mother's mother's) is  Anttila (Ala Heikkilä) family from upper eastbotton in Finland.  

    Genealogical table grandpa's Elgar Kryg
    Genealogical table granny's Martta Spik    
    Genealogical table grandpa's August Hurnanen
    Genealogical table granny's Anna Liisa Anttila (Ala Heikkilä)

    Descendent table Grandpa's father, (father's father's) my grandpa's side.
    Descendent table Granny's mother, (father's mother's) my granny's side.
    Descendent table Grandpa's father, (mother's father's) my grandpa's side.
    Descendent table Granny's great grandmother, (mother's mother's mother's mother's) my granny's side.

 I'm using the genealogy program BROTHER'S KEEPER  BK 5 for Windows.

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Reijo Huneborg
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