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My granny's (mother's mother) Anttila (Ala Heikkilä) Family

Grandmother's relatives originally comes from Finland, Pyhäjoki (Yppäri) and is geographically situated along the coast between Vasa and Karleby.

  The relatives have been in the area of Pyhäjoki, as far as I know, since 1800 century, and they have maintained supporting them selves by farmer culture. When they have got married it has in most cases been done with a local person.

  In the late1800 and early 1900 there was a great emigration from areas of Pyhäjoki to America and even to Sweden. During this time there was many relatives of Anttila (Ala Heikkilä) who joined the emigration to America mainly to north of America.

  Some of them moved back to Finland after a few years stay in different parts of America. Some of them only went back home to Finland to find a Finish woman and later returned to America to forme a family. Many of them stayed forever.


Canadian Pacific $$ "Empres of Scotland"

This passenger steamship have been traffic between Europe and America


Grandmother’s grandmother, Brita Liisa Jonasdotter Pisilä

Brita Liisa Jonasdotter, (17.11.1824) and Johan Johansson Langila got 4 children: 

    1.  Brita Kaisa Johansdotter (07.08.1849 -       ?        )
    2.  Johan  (11.10.1852 -       ?        )
    3.  ?   (29.06.1855 - 02.11.1857)
    4.  Alexander (23.09.1858 - 21.01.1940)


Grandmother's mother, Brita Kaisa Johansdotter

Brita Kaisa Johansdotter and Bro Matts Johansson Anttila got 4 children:

    1.  Maria Josefina (26.09.1871 - 22.11.1946)
    2.  Anna Liisa  (19.03.1878 - 19.10.1945)
    3.  Alexander (12.01.1882 -        ?       )
    4.  Matts  (20.10.1884 -        ?       )
    5.  Frans Johan  (19.07.1887 -       ?       )
    6.  Erik  (13.06.1890 - 27.12.1892)
    7.  Selma (06.02.1894 -        ?       )  

Grandmother, Anna Liisa Anttila (Ala Heikkilä)

Anna Liisa was born in Pyhäjoki, Finland. In early age she emigrated to America, there she later on gave birth to her first child, Hendry, born in Monessen, PA America with her first husband Karl (Charles) Savikuja. After Karl’s death (1904) Anna Liisa moved back to Finland with her son Hendry. Anna Liisa’s son Hendry married Ester Tuuttila, year 1920 and emigrated then to America. They settled down in Monessen, PA.

Anna Liisa met her second husband August Hurnanen in Finland. They settled down in Pyhäjoki and supported them selves with farmer culture. Anna Liisa gave birth to 2 children Arvo and Mirjam.1943 the family moved to Raahe, (Lapaluoto), Finland. Anna Liisa died there in year 1945 because of heart disease.

Anna Liisa and Karl (Charles) Savikuja got 1 child:

    1.  Hendry (Hendrick Arvid (16.12.1903 - 10.05.1958)                     

Anna Liisa and August Hurnanen got 2 children:

    2.  Arvo Augusti            (09.12.1916 - 02.11.1981)
    3.  Mirjam Lahja            (12.09.1923 - 30.12.1977)


Grandmother’s brothers and sisters

Maria Josefina Anttila (Ala Heikkilä), married (her self with) Jonas Sandfrid Pirkkola (originally Tenholg). They get 5 children.

Alexander Anttila (Ala Heikkilä), emigrated to America.

Matts Anttila (Ala Heikkilä), emigrated to America.

Frans Johan Anttila (Ala Heikkilä), emigrated to America.

Erik Anttila (Ala Heikkilä), died with an age of two.

Selma Anttila (Ala Heikkilä), probably lived in Yppäri in Finland





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