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Välkommen till min hemsida / Tervetuloa minun kotisivulle

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Välkommen till min hemsida - Welcome to my homepage - Tervetuloa min kotisivulle

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My name is Reijo Huneborg and I was born 1946 and raised in Brahestad (Raahe) in Finland. 
At the age of 17 (1963) me, my mother, brother and sister moved to Sweden. There I met my future wife Ingvor V. Palander and we got married 1968. 
In 1968 Ingvor gave birth to our first daughter, Veronica. 1969 we had our second daughter, Sinnica.

My interest for genealogy started around 1995 but it was not until 1998 I really started to researching about my ancestors. Since I have relatives in Finland, USA and Sweden the internet seemed to be a good way to let them share my research. In the beginning my computer skills was not that good, but during time and many hours of hard work I have learned more and more. This is the result!

Big thank you to all of you who have helped me with my research and a special thank you goes to Chursh department in Pyhäjoki, Väinö Rajaniemi in Pyhäjoki, Tuikkala Pekka in Pyhäjoki, the people at the reception of Camping reception of Kielosaari Camping ground in Pyhäjoki,  Ex-teacher Myllylä,  in Pyhäjoki and the relatives of Wayne Kuga in USA. 

I have  received person's statements from an older ancestry  from the church department in Pyhäjoki, Finland. The newer person's statements comes from relatives which live in Sweden, Finland and in USA.

If you discover that something is wrong in the person's tasks or something else that seems wrong,I would be grateful if I receive knowledge about this, in order to  be able to correct it.


Reijo Huneborg

Reijo Huneborg

Copyright p Reijo Huneborg

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Välkommen till min hemsida - Welcome to my homepage - Tervetuloa min kotisivulle